Association Management

When your community is managed by Advanced Property Management, you can count on great attention to detail and top notch service. Our services include:

  • Continual Property Inspections – Our mission is to proactively identify issues before they become a problem for the community. Our weekly inspections include safety concerns, maintenance and repair issues and lawn issues that need to be addressed, as well as other issues such as enforcement of rules and regulations.
  • Manager’s Status Reports – Our Managers use the Status Report to list action items identified on the weekly inspections, unit owner requests and items to be discussed and approved by the Board of Directors.  This tool allows the Manager and Board Members to keep track of outstanding issues.
  • Work Orders and Service Request – Our integrated service portal manages open and pending work orders for your community.  Our technicians are equipped with iPads to see real-time information in the field. We have a full time staff of maintenance personnel that works directly with our CAM managers. We coordinate vendors and rely on quality resources to make sure work is done thoroughly and completely.
  • Follow up on Contractors, Complaints, Rule Violations – Our weekly inspections, Status Report and Work Order Procedure provide for constant follow up to ensure contractors and vendors are performing according to their contract, to ensure that unit owner requests are taken care of and to ensure that rule violations are enforced.
  • Accurate Financial Reports –  We can customize the Financial Reports to fit your Association’s needs within the requirements of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principals).  Financial Reports are created monthly and can be emailed to the Board of Directors to save time and money. Board members have access to our system to see real-time transactional info and reporting.
  • Technology – Advanced uses the latest technology available to the property management business. We use integrated property management software, connected devices to maintain continuity between our office and field personnel, and tools that help homeowners and Board members stay connected and informed.
  • Collections – Collections are performed based upon the Association’s procedures.  If the Association has not approved a collection procedure, our standard procedure is to send itemized statements to past due unit owners, including finance charges and late fees when assessments are past due and again at 45 days past due.   At 60 – 75 days past due, the account is turned over to the Association’s Attorney for collection.
  • Budgets & Budget Meetings – We create a draft budget for your Budget Committee and Board of Directors to review and approve.  A Budget Workshop is recommended to discuss the Association’s budgetary maintenance and reserves requirements. A proposed budget and 14 day notice are mailed to every unit owner prior to the Budget Meeting.
  • Annual Meetings, Board of Directors Meetings – We coordinate, schedule and post for all Board meetings and Annual Meetings and manage and produce the minutes of the meetings.  This allows the Board of Directors to concentrate on the discussion at hand and make decisions that benefit the Association and its members.  The Condominium Act has specific requirements relating to election procedures.  We handle the details for you.
  • Skilled Maintenance Department – We have a full-time maintenance department that is available to your community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team knows your properties best, and is available to help make cost efficient repairs quickly and easily. We are also available to individual homeowners for in-home repairs and improvements, making Advanced a single resource for both your community management and for your personal home as well.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Contact – Should you have an after-hours emergency, you will reach our on-call manager.